Contract / Terms and Conditions for Advance Snowblowing  

November 2019 – April 2020


Snow clearing will commence after an accumulation of approximately five centimeters (5 cm) or more. Included are follow-up visits after city and sidewalk plows have passed and repeat cleanings during prolonged, heavy snowstorms. The timing of service visits will vary from storm to storm. The contractor shall be permitted to blow snow from the customer’s laneway at any time. During heavier snowfalls we will provide a quicker service while the snow is still falling to ensure that customers are able to pass through their laneway. This will be repeated throughout the snowstorm. Once the snowfall has stopped full laneway blowing services will be provided.

The term of this contract is from November 1 to April 15 of the indicated season.

Walkway shoveling services, if included in this contract, are performed separately from the laneway snow blowing service and will begin at the end of each snowfall of 5cm or more.

In the event that vehicles are parked in the driveway, the snow will only be cleared only to the accessible areas opening onto the street. Customers are encouraged to ensure that their laneway is clear of parked cars.

The contractor shall not be held responsible for damages to movable articles left in the designated snow removal area. including, but not limited to: basketball nets, garbage cans, recycling bins, plant pots, toys, hockey sticks, extension cords, Christmas lights, down spouts, etc. Please remove any articles from the area on your laneway that needs to be cleared by our equipment.

Driveway markers will be installed street side of the laneway at the beginning of every snowblowing season. It is the customer’s responsibility to supply and install additional markers if needed to mark immovable objects such as retaining walls, steps, patio stones, bushes, trees, etc. which may become invisible once the snow falls.

The contractor is fully insured for public liability and property damage.

The contractor shall not be held responsible in any way for damages or injuries due to icy or slippery conditions.



E-transfers send to:  password – snowstorm


CHEQUES to be made out to: Advance Landscaping

FULL PAYMENT AMOUNT please date for November 1, 2019

Mail to:  Advance Landscaping 

          7410 Parkway Road

         Greely ON

        K4P 1L2


A surcharge of $25.00 will be applied for any cheques returned due to non-sufficient funds.

Advance Landscaping Inc.  (613) 821-3113 email: